10 Steps to Build a High-Value Startup with $44k Free Credits
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10 Steps to Build a High-Value Startup with $44k Free Credits

With the many resources and tools out there, it can be overwhelming to find a straight path to creating a startup quickly at the lowest cost possible. In this blog post, I will show you 10 easy steps on how to get started for free with $44k free credits and the best resources.
10 Steps to Build a High-Value Startup with $44k Free Credits

As a startup founder, you have to wear many hats at the beginning of the journey. For me, that is one of the most compelling reasons to be a founder. I have a chance to expand my knowledge in many areas. While everyone has a different profile, background, and skills, I am excited to share my journey on how I built TripliQ, a new document automation startup, in less than a month.this is a test passage

Step 1: Ideation with the Business Model Canvas

In business school, I hated writing business plans. Do not do it; it is a waste of time as you are probably pivoting and changing your idea quite often anyways. Instead, use the Business Model Canvas framework to quickly think about the most important aspects of your business.

Example of our initial business model canvas.

Step 2: Knowledge, Company Updates, and Deals from YC Startup School

Sign up for YC Start-Up School, the best place to learn how to start a company, with help from the world’s top startup accelerator. If you are completely new to the startup world, pick the best videos from the curriculum(they also have those as podcasts available) to expand your knowledge. Their videos are super practical and to the point, giving you the best advice in the shortest amount of time.

Log in every week to provide company updates. The way they structured these company updates is truly phenomenal. Every question serves a specific purpose:

Are you launched?

Do not build the perfect product that no one wants. This question pushes you to launch as quickly as possible to get feedback from customers.

To how many users did you talk and what did you learn from them?

Not speaking to customers is the second biggest mistake. This question forces you to talk to at least one person per week to get valuable feedback. If you feel shy, sign up for a group session where you can share and perfect your pitch with other founders! One of the best books I read, when it comes to user research is the Mom Test.

What are your top goals and biggest obstacles?

When building your startup your time is super limited and you can easily lose focus. These questions help you to prioritize your goals.

Example of weekly YC Start Up School Company Update

Once you completed 8 weekly company updates in a row, you have unlocked YC Start Up School deals that you will leverage in the subsequent steps. Just to give you an idea of how good these deals are here are my top 4 deals:

  • $5k in AWS credits
  • $3k in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase Credits
  • Waived Stripe fees for your first $5,000 in processed payments
  • $30k of Segment credits + Segment Dealbook

Step 3: Buy a Domain for your business

This seems like a very detailed and trivial step but it’s important to do this right. If you are struggling with a cool company logo or name, try out Namelix, an AI-based company name generator. If cool AI applications are something you find appealing, feel free to also check out my other blogpost about 5 Awesome Interactive AI Apps for you to try.

Next, you will probably buy a domain before checking if social profile names are still available. The easiest way to not make this regretful mistake is using namevine, where you can check the availability of domains and social profiles at the same time.

Easily check if your desired domain and social profiles are available.

Step 4: Start with a free domain email to get Google Workspaces

This is one of the hardest steps, where I could find nowhere a working solution. Most of the time when you buy a domain you will not get a free domain email account with it. They try to upsell you to expensive yearly subscription plans. Instead, create free email aliases for your domain name with Improvmx.

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